People don’t talk much about “virtue” and “virtues” anymore. I guess I’m old-fashioned, but concepts like virtue, character, and goodness still matter to me. Not only do they matter, but I think they’re interesting to discuss and also a practical way to improve the way I do business. With that iistock_000003332419xsmalln mind, I wrote a post yesterday about the seven deadly sins and how they can ruin your business as a poker webmaster. Today I’d like to look at the opposing seven virtues and how they might improve your business as a poker webmaster.

Poker Webmaster Virtue #1 – Chastity – Like I wrote yesterday about “Lust”, this is probably the virtue which is least applicable to running a poker webmaster business. Most people think of chastity as abstinence from sex, but what it actually refers to is staying within the norms of sexual behavior in a particular society or religion. Societal norms have changed dramatically over the last 30 years though, so most people are probably well within the “norms” now anyway. At any rate, don’t blow all your money on porn and prostitutes, and you’ll have a more successful poker webmaster business. :)

Poker Webmaster Virtue #2 – Temperance – This is the opposite of gluttony. It means self-control and moderation. A temperate poker webmaster gets enough links to competed, but not so many links that she gets penalized. Temperate also includes the concept of “mindfulness”, which is an important value in the practice of Zen. Mindfulness just means paying attention to what you’re doing. It should be obvious how that would make you more effective in business.

Poker Webmaster Virtue #3 – Charity – The opposite of the sin of greed is charity. But when Christians talk about “charity”, they’re not talking about unselfish giving. It actually means love, and not romantic love. They’re talking about the kind of love that the the Greek called “Agape”. This is the “love thy neighbor” kind of love. And caring about other people is an effective business strategy. Look at any business that’s had a “blog storm” of criticism surrounding it, and then notice how most of their problems come from not seeming to “care” about their customers.

Poker Webmaster Virtue #4 – Diligence – Chastity might be the virtue that least applies to being a poker affiliate. Diligence is clearly the most applicable virtue. Diligence applies to having a strong work ethic, managing your time, and being careful in your work. (I ask my employees, “Did you double check your work?” all the time.) When I post to this blog every day, I’m being diligent. When I take 2 or 3 days off, I’m being slothful. The benefits of diligence versus slothfulness are obvious.

Poker Webmaster Virtue #5 – Patience – This is the opposite of wrath. You’ll be a lot more effective in any negotiation if you’re committed to resolving situations peacefully. And when you have a lot of poker traffic, you WILL be put in situations where you have to negotiate. Patience also refers to your ability to forgive others. That comes in handy when a program changes their terms and conditions. Someone who’s wrathful might decide to never promote that program no matter what, but someone who’s patient might decide to give them a second chance. That second chance might turn out to be a really profitable move.

Poker Webmaster Virtue #6 – Kindness – This is the opposite of envy. Being willing to help others and just plain be nice to others is almost a forgotten art. Just because you disagree with someone doesn’t mean you should be mean to them. Just because someone is doing better in the search engine rankings to you doesn’t mean you should be mean to them either. Show a little kindness, and you might be surprised at some of the kindness that is shown to you. I’ve seen some people say that our industry is so hyper-competitive that it’s impossible to build “natural links”, but I disagree. Some people in this industry are selfish and envious, but not all of them are. And the best way to lead is by example. Be kind, and others will learn how to be kind from your example. Then the whole industry benefits.

Poker Webmaster Virtue #7 – Humility – This is my favorite virtue, and maybe it’s because I’ve got so much to be humble about. Humble poker webmasters don’t think they’re better or more important than others. They’re modest. They say that pride goeth before a fall, and I can confirm that this is true. Whenever I make the mistake of being proud or thinking I’m better than someone else, I pay for it. Usually I pay for it sooner rather than later, too.

Tomorrow I’ll probably write about being a poker webmaster from a Buddhist perspective or something. No, really. I’m serious.