Everyone knows that keyword research is as important to the SEO process as building links and adding content. (They should know this, anyway.) Read on for eleven little known poker keyword research tools and resources that will turbocharge your keyword selection process.

  1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool – Enter a keyword or multiple keywords here, and Google will suggest other possibilities related to what you input. You can also input a page on a website and get additional suggestions.
  2. Google Search-based Keyword Tool- Input a website and a keyword here, and Google will suggest other possibilities based on all of the pages on your site. You can input someone else’s site to get ideas too.
  3. SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool – This keyword tool is a classic “mash-up”. It includes search volume data from multiple sources, including Google, Yahoo, and Wordtracker, and compares phrases with various other sites.
  4. Keyword Discovery – This service costs a little money, but it’s an attractive and easy-to-use interface. I like it better than Wordtracker, myself.
  5. Wordtracker – This is the classic keyword research tool of choice. It pulls information from Dogpile, among other sources, and then extrapolates that data toward Google and Yahoo based on their relative market share.
  6. Thesaurus.com – This is one of my favorite tools. Some people might be searching for “poker strategy”, but someone out there is also searching for “poker tactics” and “poker system”.
  7. Google Trends – You can get an idea of whether “World Series of Poker” or “WSOP” gets more traffic here, and “World Poker Tour” versus “WPT”, and “Clonie Gowen” versus “Annie Duke“, and so on. Indispensible.
  8. Google Sets – Enter two or three phrases or words and get a whole list of possibilities. Another indispensible tool.
  9. Yahoo Buzz – If you follow Yahoo Buzz, then you know what people are talking about. And if you know what people are talking about, then you can extrapolate keyword phrases that will resonate with the zeitgeist.
  10. Lycos 50 – Same principle as Yahoo Buzz. Find out what people, places, and things people are interested in, and tailor your content toward that.
  11. Spyfu - They charge a subscription fee, but it’s worth it. You can get an idea of what keyword phrases other sites rank for as well as what pay per click terms they’re bidding on.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post about poker keyword research tools.