The forums currently residing at PAP have actually been online since early 2005. Like any forum, members come and go, and so do popular topics. Typically the most popular topics in these poker affiliate forums have revolved around some type of controversy.

I had the idea for this blog post because it seems lately we have seen a fair amount of controversy in the poker affiliate industry. I am publishing this top 5 list as a reminder to the new people in the industry that since the beginning of online poker affiliate programs, there has always been hot issues that arise.

Sure, the recent occurrences in our industry are more than just an annoyance. But trust me, as affiliates we need to learn how to work through all the B.S. and focus on what is positive. In a year from now all the recent issues will be forgotten, and something new will be taking the spotlight.

There are so many other hot threads if you search the forums, but these were the biggest. Here is the official list of the most popular forum threads over the last 3+ years. These are in no specific order and poularity is based on page views and replies:

1. February 200- New 60 Day Affiliate Terms at

2. September 2007 – Superuser Scandal of 2007

3. Ocotober 2005 – PartyPoker Officially Says NO To Rakeback

4. September 2006 – Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act Enacted

5. February 2005 – Present – The Longest Running PAP Thread Ever – Brainstorming