This was pretty weird too me. I was looking at PartyGaming today and I saw that they were accepting now. Since I had never heard of this system before I decided to check out their site and see how it worked. Needless to say, since I am blogging about it, I was shocked to see they had casino programs listed there as well as other places that accept ukash.

This is one of two things. Obviously works like other payment processors and takes a percentage of the amount of money that are the middleman for. However, having the sites listed right there on the homepage makes me wonder if they are an affiliate as well? Is it paid advertising, is it an incentive for people to spend their uKash more and more at these places, is it purely an upsell to the programs that are using them? All these questions have me wondering what is going on since I have never seen this ‘on site’ advertising model before with processors.

Another weird observation I has was that 55% of the people using uKash (according to their poll) are students. This is weird in comparison to the smaller 29% that were employed.

I am going to guess these dudes are an affiliates to some of the programs listed on the site. Time will tell but from I can see this is a great business model.

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