There are a number of amazing free services that are invaluable to any affiliate website. These are mostly in the form of vital services that many affiliate websites require which would have otherwise cost them money to acquire.

It really is amazing how increasingly services of extremely high value and which involve significant costs to the owners to provide are being made available for free online. One of the factors that makes this possible are affiliate programs that reap amazing profits for webmasters who manage to generate significant traffic for their sites. One example is the Google Adsense program which makes hundreds of thousands of dollars for some webmasters on a regular basis. All they have to do is find something to offer that has the potential of attracting amazing volumes of traffic.

One example of an extremely useful free service that is bound to be very useful to any affiliate website can be found This is a site that provides a lot of very useful tracking information on the visitors to a site. This will include information like the keywords that were used to get them there and even the particular search engine that was used. Other pieces of information include the most popular pages on your site and the duration that your visitors took on each page they viewed as well as on your site. Actually the volume of valuable information provided by this free tool is huge and it really is amazing that the service is free. Naturally this is very useful free information to any affiliate website and webmaster who can use it to lift their site to the next level of success.

Yet another free online service that would be of great value to any affiliate website is available at This is no doubt the article directory on the web that attracts the highest traffic by far. Most articles posted at this directory will tend to attract huge amounts of traffic. So by simply placing links, you can end up with significant traffic at your site from nothing else but promotional articles posted here. While ezinearticles has a number of rules, one of which is it does not accept articles that contain affiliate links, the thing to do as an affiliate is to target your links in articles posted at this directory, to your blog from whence you will re-direct traffic to your affiliate site.

Then there is the overture keyword tool which provides you with the exact number of hits that a certain keyword or keyword phrase has had in a recent month. This is invaluable information for any webmaster making a decision on which particular keywords to target in their hunt for search engine traffic.

These are just some of the available free services that can prove to be extremely useful to any affiliate website owner.