Why would offline advertising be so terribly important to a web affiliate program venture? The answer to that question is simple. It is because conventional advertising does NOT work online.

The truth is that people hate to be advertised to online. This explains the reason why banner advertisements are not that effective when compared to those tiny little text link ads. The latter hardly look like advertising and are seen by many readers as the usual links designed to lead information-hungry readers to more information and other relevant articles that will provide the knowledge and answers they seek to solve some of their problems. Actually contrary to what many people still think, the World Wide Web is not similar to offline television in terms of being able to carry effective ads that yield a useful response capable of quickly building up a new or even existing business. In other words the web is not the next frontier after Television. It is in fact the most advanced telephone in the world, but I digress.

Offline advertising has proved to be invaluable to numerous websites and web affiliate programs. In fact these ads have proved to be much more effective in driving traffic to many sites than any online program.

Radio for example has been a success story for many web and affiliate program sites. The success of radio has surprised many because it has come despite many clear weaknesses like the fact that most people may not be able to spell your web address correctly after listening to a radio spot about it.

Fortunately there are a number of other low budget offline advertising methods that have proved to be hugely effective for many web businesses and even affiliate programs. One example are bumper stickers. It seems that as folks are idling around in those frequent traffic snarl ups, they avidly read bumper stickers and depending on the message (if it piqued their curiosity enough) they will tend to visit the site either right their in their cars or later when they get to the office or wherever they are going.

Bumper stickers are relatively inexpensive to produce and the only challenge in a bumper sticker ad campaign is how best to rapidly distribute the stickers and to get motorists to use them. However this should not be too difficult with a little creativity because many folks happily purchase bumper stickers. One obvious way of getting your web affiliate program bumper stickers out there is to use your current client base.