The Real Reasons To Play Here

I spoke about adding a section to the main 3 highlights which leads the area where 888 Poker actually discusses some reasons for people to play at their poker site, so before I move on to the section which they call “what’s up for grabs,” I want to see if we can come up with a good fourth line to add to the three we’ve already covered.

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We really need to stand out here as much as we can

I think that the poker action and the poker experience is too important to leave out here, especially if we’re discussing what look to be the three most important reasons for people to consider the poker site.

The actual playing of poker though, what people can expect, isn’t just among the top 4, it is clearly the most important one.  While we could discuss this in the lower section, and we should as well, we do need to mention this in the highlights, the main reasons.

There will no doubt be some people who, if not properly influenced at this juncture, will just leave, and people leave the site at all points, so we need to be aware enough of that to ensure we are doing the best we can to look to persuade both early enough and often enough to capture people’s attention and interest enough to at least have them read on and not bounce.

In this section, not just in the highlights or whatever you want to call them but in the entire section, these are the reasons why people are going to want to play here, or at least the reasons we are giving them why they should want to do so.  So this is central to the process and we must take the utmost of care to ensure that we are putting our best foot forward and creating as much excitement and interest as we can, without of course going over the top and diminishing their confidence in what we are seeking to tell them.

This Is A Poker Site After All

What bears keeping in mind here is that up until this point the site really hasn’t spoken very much at all about the poker experience here.  Now we will have spoken about this at length of course in our reviews but a lot of people will be coming to this web page without the benefit of any of that, and many may not even be very familiar with the poker site other than they offer online poker.

So there’s been some talk of a free $88, they mentioned they have won some awards, and that they have some innovations such as web cam poker, without even mentioning why anyone would care about this sort of thing I might add, such as making things more interesting by making the games more like live play, see the faces of your opponents, and so on.

So this is a case once again of promoting features rather than benefits, and having a small space to work with does limit our ability to do that, but still doesn’t serve as an excuse, especially on this page where we may easily add an extra line to things if it is worthwhile to do so, and add to and not subtract from the overall effect of the piece.

We need to pay particular attention to answering the questions that our prospective players may have, and therefore it is these questions that will drive the piece, or at least it needs to if we plan on having it be effective.  If these questions remain unanswered, or not answered in a satisfactory enough way, the players will not convert.

So the first step is to try to understand what questions will be asked by these players, and while we’re not going to be able to answer everyone’s questions well enough, we at least need to try to address the more fundamental and frequent ones.

What’s The Poker Like Here?

One of these questions, and a pretty basic and frequent one I’d say, is asking what the poker experience really is like at a poker site.  Sure, they might have some features that you may not be able to find anywhere else, or even less meaningful, that they might have been the first site to implement such innovations, but this only concerns a small part of the poker experience.

So apart from that we do need to tell them what it is like to play poker here, and what they may expect, in some way at least.  This is certainly a big focus in our reviews, or at least it should be if we expect our reviews to be any good at all, although some reviews don’t pay enough attention to this and likely suffer as a result, because this is one of the big things that people want to know when they read a review.

So you’ve played there, presumably, and you are going to tell them what it’s really like.  Now when the poker site itself tells you this then people are likely to take this with a grain of salt but that is better than just being silent on the matter.

So the point here is to first get clear on the need for this, and in the next article I’m going to talk about some specifics of what people may want to know, and what we may want to reinforce on the home page, to not only remind them of these things but to better validate and reinforce them as well.


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