I get a lot of emails from affiliates that say to me, “Greg, I want to make sure that I am putting the right stuff on my site, any suggestions?” And to that question I usually answer with something along the lines of what is popular right now and how does it fit into your site. Sometimes I can see a glimpse of despair on their faces via email (I need to get more sleep) or they turn promptly to an RSS feed of news. Hey, I am all for RSS Feeds (in fact you should subscribe to this one) but when it comes to news you really need the goods to be coming from you. I am not saying you need to book a flight to Melbourne and see what’s new with the Aussie Millions buzz, but at least take a few minutes and summarize some of the highlights into a nice post on your site or blog.

I was at the East Coast Affiliate Summit last month in humid Miami and I must say one thing that caught my eye was a girl in a sexy pirate costume walking around the floor. At first my thought was, “what a shameless plug to get people to the booth” and then I thought “God bless them for doing this.” However the woman was there passing out info on a Halloween costume affiliate program that is catching fire as October 31st draws closer. Unbeknown to me a lot of people spend money on Halloween costumes for work parties and social events. I on the other hand dressed like a homeless pirate last year and it cost me about $10 bucks. However, the point is that trends, demand and promotions all go through seasons. It’s your job as an affiliate marketer to know about the buzz before it starts buzzing. If you’re a Poker Affiliate then you might be able to find a pretty good calendar here.

Greg Powell

To take it a step further look at the rooms you are currently working with and check out what promotions they have going on for new players as well as existing players. Use these as your own exclusive promotion and brand it up with your site. Let’s say you work with Party Poker and they have online qualifiers going on for their next Party Poker Millions Cruise. (Hey wait they do right now) and you think it’s a nice promo for you site (Because it is). Try writing a press release and a similar blog post and let everyone know about. I am not telling you to spam the forums but rather ping the blogosphere and add text links (anchor text) to your press releases. Change with the seasons and stay current with the most popular tournaments and online promotions.

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