Why Do People Choose A Poker Site?

One of the reasons why people choose to try out a poker site at least is because they are giving away some bonus cash, so we do need to recognize that 888 Poker’s emphasis on this certainly is merited to some degree.  I want to go over all of the reasons that I can think of why people might want to play at one site over another though, so we at least will be provided some perspective and also get clear on what we need to focus on when looking to promote it.

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So this list will cover more than just a couple of things, because there are more than a couple things that influence it.

Welcome bonuses do play into this for sure, and we do well to liberally discuss them when we’re looking to persuade people to come over and give a poker site a try.  Pretty much all poker sites offer them though, and some may offer more than others, but this should not be seen as a competitive thing, because there’s no reason why players need to limit their trials and their bonus cash to just one or two sites.

So I very often will mention that in a review but this isn’t something that really belongs on poker site home pages, but we need to realize that these bonus offers function as a bonus, meaning something thrown in there to sweeten the deal so to speak, and the actual deal is what matters more, in other words the other reasons to play here and the other reasons why you may really like this poker site.

The Longer Term Rewards

It is important to make people realize that bonuses are not just one shot deals, and although they are nice, poker sites not only want to attract people’s business, they want to keep it, and will therefore offer other rewards, whether this be further deposit bonuses, reload bonuses in other words, frequent player rewards, value added promotions, or what have you.

Given that the rake is pretty much the same at all poker sites, players will look to how much value poker sites will offer them after the sale, and therefore it does pay for us to discuss these things when we are looking to highlight the reasons why players should want to play at a particular poker site.

This is why we generally devote at least one section of our review, if not more, to this area, and if welcome bonuses are important, this stuff is even more important, as it is more long lasting and not only answers the question of whether or not you should try out a site, but also why you may want to continue playing there after the welcome bonus is over.

So this is indeed something we want to accentuate on the home page, given that we have control over it, and while the standard home page may mention it, we want to make sure this is given the justice and the prominence it deserves.

Poker Traffic Levels

Traffic is a huge issue with online poker sites, and this is why a good review will discuss it, and make it a central feature of the review in fact.  Players want and need to know this information, and the time they need to know it is now, not after the fact when they discover that a poker site does not meet their needs.

So a discussion of traffic involves more than just the amount of players that a poker site has on average, although that matters as well, as this gives us a fairly good indication of what the traffic levels may be at any given game or stake and at any given time of day.

Players will assume that overall traffic does provide such an indication, but when you can be more specific, that helps answer their questions that they may have better.  However these aren’t details that we’ll be able to go into very much on the home page, and what we’re after instead is to give people a general feel of how busy a poker site is, especially if it’s a busier one like 888 Poker is.

We can’t make too much of an issue of this though or we’ll just be driving everyone to Poker Stars, the site that completely outclasses every other poker site around these days.  This stuff does matter, but we want to take the approach that what we are after is traffic of a “sufficient” level to meet the needs of players, and beyond that, well it does not need to be excessive.

So we can’t get into this very deeply in the kind of synopsis that we’re looking at on 888 Poker’s home page or any home page for that matter, if we ran the site then we perhaps could set up a dedicated page to discuss that, we don’t though, although this is something we should have well covered in our review, where we can spend much more time discussing the factors that matter here and how well the particular site under review satisfies these needs.

Still though, I do think that this should be at least touched on, to bolster the reasons why people are going to like this poker site, especially when it’s a real advantage such as it is with 888.

So in the next article I will continue this discussion by looking at what other factors matter prominently as far as the poker playing experience goes.


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