How Should A Good Landing Page Function?

Aside from providing us with an opportunity to add some prestige to our reviews by having the landing page have our site’s name on it, which if handled right can indeed add some value to our landing pages, there are other things we want to do with these which can add value to our going to all the trouble or having the poker room go to the trouble of creating our landing pages.

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A good landing page gives them a good glimpse of what’s on the other side of the big door


So let’s bring up the two pages again, which are Poker Listings’ custom landing page, which can be accessed through the review and then clicking on the link in the info box in the upper right hand sidebar of their review, and also open up 888 Poker’s main home page, at

I see that 888 Poker just updated their home page, since my last article which was less than a week ago, and it looks like they’ve done a nice job here, even with my high standards.

We’ll be using this new version in our comparison with Poker Listings’ version, which may not seem fair but that’s one of the issues when you get a custom landing page, it requires attention and must evolve, and you can miss out on this if you don’t update it regularly, as Poker Listings has not, at least at the time of this writing.

What Are Our Goals With Landing Pages?

Poker Listings focuses a lot on the goal of simplicity with their custom landing page, and I do want to point out that this is a nice goal and one that should not be overlooked, however the ultimate goal here is to persuade people to download the software and play, and there are several things that go into that and all must be looked at in terms of their contribution to the overall goal.

For the most part, our visitors should be for the most part pre-sold, even though I don’t like that word as most of the selling actually takes place in the review itself, where the landing page would serve to reinforce the selling that goes on prior to their visiting any home page, ours or theirs.

We still want to focus on selling on our custom landing pages, although it is true that standard poker room home pages have to rely more heavily on that, because a lot of their traffic will be coming from search engines where the visitors will not have been exposed to the heavy selling that affiliate sites and reviews have undertaken, or at least should have undertaken.

So if there’s less on the page like we see at Poker Listings, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this is a bad thing, although at the same time we don’t want to omit important things that should be included.  When we look at Poker Listings’ version in greater detail, and compare it to the real deal, we will decide whether important details or other things that could and do serve to increase conversion were indeed left out and should not have been.

What Are Some Of These Details We Should Be Focusing On?

Keep in mind the function of home pages in reference to being adjuncts to our reviews of a given poker room, and that is to reinforce the benefits that are described on the home page of the poker room once people arrive there.

So there should not be anything of any note whatsoever on the home pages, and if there are, then we’re holding back too much and mentioning these benefits in the review, if they are indeed influential, should be mentioned in the review as well.

When we’re writing a review, the first page we should be looking at actually is the home page of the poker site that we are reviewing, and while there may be some things on there that we may not want to mention in our review, this won’t be very common unless it’s a bad home page and if so then we definitely want to seek to come up with a custom one to avoid exposing our players to these undesirable elements.

That generally isn’t ever the case though even though we may come up with better ways to put these things, and we should take every opportunity to do so in our reviews, and on our custom home pages should we have them.

The benefits that are showcased on a poker room’s home page don’t always show up in reviews, even significant ones such as the fact that 888 Poker has won the best poker operator of the year 3 years in a row.

You won’t find that in Poker Listings’ review of them, anywhere, and this is a pretty significant benefit which is not lost on the folks who work at 888 Poker anyway.

You do see this in Poker Listings’ custom landing page, but you have to scroll down to see it, and it’s not a scroll that is all that apparent to viewers of the page either.  They have managed to present their landing page as appearing that the first screen is all there is, and this other stuff is therefore somewhat hidden.

They even have their settings set so that if you maximize the page you still just see their first screen, with this other information still below the line with no indication at all it is there, unless you happen to notice the scroll bar on the right side of the browser.

With 888’s version, on the other hand, it is clear that there is more to scroll down to read should the reader choose to do so, and this does matter.


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