Many people can spot an advertisement and have programmed themselves to tune out the message once identified. However, when educated about affiliate marketing many of these same people are surprised to find out the product or services they purchased was part of a performance based marketing scheme. Affiliate Marketing is where a company or independent sales agency pays marketers (you as an affiliate) a commission based on the sales or leads generated for them. Many people see this opportunity as a way to make extra income without having to invest a large amount of capital. Others have made affiliate marketing their full time career and quit their day jobs.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest growing and exciting business opportunities available to eager entrepreneurs today. Never before the Internet boom have so many companies been able to a recruit such a large commission sales force as now. With so many products and services available and the marketplace becoming worldwide have the opportunities for new business been so prevalent. Ease of communication, expedited shipping sources and product selection have all forged the way for the world of affiliate marketing to become a standard business practice used every day by companies of all sizes and demographics.

The ways an affiliate can market a product are almost endless. While most sales and leads are driven online via websites and email many others have utilized more conventional mediums such a print, radio and word of mouth to promote a product. Marketers are becoming savvy as technology changes and finding new an effective ways to reach customers daily.

There are many places to learn about affiliate marketing online. An early step many people decide to take is evaluating which products are out there and have an affiliate program started. A good place to look is Commission Junction and also for a list of companies currently seeking new affiliates. Once you have found a god product or service that interests you then decide how you want to proceed in marketing it. is dedicated to giving you a one stop resource for everything you need in order to start promoting online poker. Please check out our programs listed on the site as well as the Marketing Blog and Community. There are many valuable resources right at your fingertips at PAP!