When you begin as an affiliate in the online poker industry there are many sub niches you can develop your site upon. Ultimately this will affect what type of content and news that is on your site. It is important to look at what genre of content you are putting out as it will have a direct influence on what type of visitors you will be receiving from organic search results. This also plays a major factor in the type of person who will bookmark your site and visit again. Often times your repeat visitors will be where you make your money.

First off let’s look at poker room reviews. You want to have well written, unique articles that are persuasive yet honest. A large majority of poker players will take the time to read the reviews that you provided; this is a major converting tool. If the review doesn’t convince the user that playing at X poker room is a good idea you have just lost a potential customer. Often they will leave your site only to find a better review and sign up through someone else.

If you are receiving a large amount of traffic to your review pages with lower than normal conversions you should try to read it through the eyes of a new online poker player and ask yourself, “Is this convincing enough to bust out my credit card right now?” I also mentioned honesty; if you think a poker room is below standard don’t lie about it. You will be better off not promoting anything you deem harmful for your site users.

The next piece of poker content that converts well is special promotions. Whatever bonus the site is currently offering, whether it is standard deal or a custom affiliate deal, hype it up. Offer that extra reason for signing up to X room right now because this exclusive deal is limited. If there is a special promotion or tournament going on that is of high value make sure you mention it somewhere because you never know what little piece of information may appeal to someone’s taste. It doesn’t even have to be a new promotion. For example do you really think a brand new online poker player knows how long a certain site has had the same 100% bonus running? Most likely they don’t and it’s still a strong selling point that you should be pushing.

The most important thing to remember is cater to your sub-niche. If you’re site is primarily focused on tournaments for make sure to highlight each site’s big or unique tournaments.

There is also certain poker content that can definitely decrease your conversion rates. If you strongly target terms like “freerolls”, “play money poker”, “poker for fun”, or any variations of these, your conversion rates will be horribly low. I would also stay away from any type of free bankroll keywords as your primary focus. The best affiliates know that the more targeted a key phrase is to what a real money player would be typing, the more it’s worth fighting for. Some typical high converting keywords to get you on the right track where “X room” is any poker room brand:

  • X Poker Room “bonus code”, “sign up code”, “bonus”, etc.
  • Sign up for X room
  • Download X room
  • X room review

Here are some more helpful tips:

  • Don’t forget to have a call to action on every single page, links with text like “Sign up here”, “Read more Here” or “See what others have said about this room here”.
  • Please don’t scoff your reviews and promotions by blatant spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. You will lose credibility and probably the player.
  • Utilize whatever poker pros a room is using to your advantage, they are there to improve conversions
  • If you are seeing low conversions with your poker traffic you need to make sure that you are catering to your users properly and targeting the right terms. If it’s time to make some changes remember it is better late than never.