What Would You Want To See Here As A Visitor?

Perhaps the most enlightening approach when wondering what we should be doing to entice visitors to click through to our inner pages on our poker room offers is to pretend you are a visitor yourself and see it all from this perspective.

poker golden egg

If we don’t tell them what we have, they won’t want it.

It was a long time ago for me when I first started checking out online poker rooms, well over a decade ago, but I still remember what I had in mind at the time. I was looking for information on the best places to play. That was the most important thing for me, and it is for just about everyone.

So I wanted to get information on a few poker sites, what they have to offer and what kind of bonuses I could get, and I also wanted to be assured I was getting the best deal. I also wanted some expert opinion on the place and this was perhaps the most important thing to me.

So that’s pretty typical actually, and if not everyone is looking for this, they probably should be, so these are very important elements in looking to capture people’s attention. Later on of course on our sales page or pages, we’ll have to deliver on that promise, but first we need to make it.

How Does This All Pan Out On The Home Page?

Once again, the exact approach we should be taking is going to depend on some degree on the kind of site we have. For instance a site about bonus offers is going to need to focus more on that, a site on a particular poker room will need to speak about that room of course, where sites on poker rooms in general will speak in more general terms. Sites which have nothing to do with poker room signups will have to focus on the topic of the site more up front.

One’s personal style will also factor into all this, and I do not expect that people all have the same style as I do, but the important thing is that we look to include persuasive elements in our presentations rather than neglect them for the most part, as most affiliate sites do.

So let’s start with talking about bonuses. We need to put them at ease here as far as any need that may arise as far as wanting to root around the internet and compare bonus offers. As we know these deals are all pretty much generic, save for sites such as Poker Listings which due to their sheer volume do have some exclusive offers. We can honestly tell them things such as that we have top bonuses for them and not be lying, and it’s important that we do that.

So we have these bonuses for them and they are indeed top bonus amounts, and we are telling them all this, but we also need to tell them about the other critical stuff that goes into poker room decisions. In particular, we need to make very clear the importance of making informed choices here, as proper poker room selection is of very high importance to their online experience.

So they really need to avoid the pitfalls that many players fall into that do not get the proper advice here, and we’re not just looking to give them proper advice, we’re going to be giving them the best advice, based upon our experience and expertise.

Getting All This In A Limited Amount Of Space

A lot of this is going to be central to our detailed appeal, which we will be making elsewhere of course, and the advice will be specific to the poker room being discussed. We also can come up with a lead sales page where we talk about all of this in general before directing them to particular poker room reviews, and I feel that this is a very good idea in fact, and the material on it need not be very long, although it could be if done effectively.

Our task right now though is to get them there, and we don’t have the space to do too much here on the home page, but we really don’t want to either. After all, we’re just looking to capture enough of their interest to get them to want to read on, so that’s exactly what we should be trying to do here.

So I’d be looking to make as clear as possible the importance of checking our my expert advice on the best places to play, and let them know that I have selected the best ones for them and will provide to them everything they need to make an informed decision here. Then I’m going to use a call to action such as click here to learn more or something similar to get them to want to click through to my lead sales page, where I’ll start talking about the poker rooms I’m promoting.

Keep in mind that this is just one approach and if you want to display the poker rooms with links to the information right on your home page that’s fine. What you do want to do is sell them properly on clicking through to wherever else on the site you want them to go to, and to the extent you’re able to do that, you will be taking a big and necessary first step in converting them.


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