When it comes to marketing your website most of you reading this blog have chosen the general category of Poker. To drill that down a little further most everyone has said they chose a ‘niche’ within that category as well. When it comes down to it there really aren’t a lot of variables to choose from. Even though we say we have a niche site, do we? And more on do we really want to be a niche site to begin with? All this has left many an aspiring webmaster stuck in the mud when getting his portal off and running.

When do I need to choose a niche?

Not every idea is a good one. Like the image on today’s post points out there are innovative marketing ideas and then there are busts. While the WSOP was a massive hit the world series of blackjack doesn’t draw near as much attention. Remember when ESPN tried to pump professional bowling and have it seem really ‘hip’? Well that didn’t work so much. Having the bowlers, who looked like the just stepped out of an IBM cubical, come down the aisle to rock music ala pro wrestling was really cool. However, when the action started it was still two people rolling the ball towards the same 10 pins for 10 straight frames. Bowling is bowling…poker is poker. However, people are passionate about the things they love and want to read and discuss the latest happenings. When writing about poker there are many topics out there that visitors are looking for. Just like bowling there are tournaments, new leaders and winners and even books and strategy guides for players. Making the game something that it’s not isn’t always the best idea, but at least it draws buzz. (XFL Football) You’ve chosen poker as your topic, maybe now is the time to pick 4-5 things you think are the most interesting and sub-section them. (Eleven ways to improve your landing pages article) Remember that your whole site doesn’t have to be freerolls and bonus codes (although they should be listed). You can still rank highly for certain keywords from the pages and content on your site as a whole.

When do I need to build a general site?

Most of the time you can start by choosing a topic and covering the basics. Let’s assume you are developing a poker portal to attract players to deposit and play online. That is going to be Goal #1 and in order to do this you need to make sure and attract visitors that have a desire to play for real money. What do these people search for? There is certainly an art to choosing the best keywords. I am not going to say this is strictly the only way to properly SEO your site, but my suggestion is starting a little broad and then creating divisions within your site for the targets you choose. Read what’s going on and make sure to blog and create articles about it. People are more likely to come to your site for relevant news that purely bonus codes and promos.

“After I niched down to SEO and built a brand I was able to create numerous revenue streams (consulting sales, ebook sales, direct ad sales, contextual ad sales, affiliate commissions, link sales, referral commissions, speaking engagements, etc)”

- Aaron Wall on 7/17/2007

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