February 18, 2010 (PAP Newswire) – Internet poker is all over online social media hotspots like Facebook these days, with and that’s only going to increase. For example, the creator of Ultima Online has just created a new company dedicated to developing games for social media sites. And its first offering is a Texas hold ‘em style poker game. Read more about that here at USA Today.

But is this going to benefit online poker affiliate marketers? That’s most likely not a simple yes or no question — but, for the most part, the short answer would be positive. Although the obvious negative effect is that casual poker players might prefer to play for free on Facebook instead of wagering real money on an actual online poker site, those types of players generally don’t generate more revenue anyway.

More likely is the situation that online poker players will whet their appetites on the free Facebook games, and then seek out real online poker sites on which to play, where they can win real money. So, online poker affiliate marketers who aren’t on Facebook yet, and who aren’t in Facebook-related online poker groups, a natural gathering place for poker players, are probably missing out on some premium opportunities.

Check out PAP’s Facebook page here, and PAP’s LinkedIn group here, to see an example of poker affiliate social media groups. Once you’ve hooked up with the Facebook page, you’ll have access to a large network of other poker groups, as well.