There is no denying that ever since they were first introduced by at the inception of that giant website, affiliate programs have quickly emerged as the most profitable online business ever.

The most amazing thing that affiliate programs have done for many online businesses is to give them a source of revenue that allows many sites to be very profitable even as they continue to provide valuable services for free. They simply get paid for their traffic by lucrative affiliate programs that are closely related to the website or complement its’ activities.

Just to give you an example here. We have seen cases where a barely legal youngster launches a most profitable online business in the form of a blog based on an electronic gadget like the iPod picking up huge traffic within a very short space of time. Without any other form of expensive advertising other than getting others to link to him, the site soon becomes a phenomenon. The blogger then monetizes it by signing up for one or two highly relevant affiliate programs. Virtually overnight the site suddenly starts bringing in a five figure income for the owner. And yet even as the profits pour in, they can continue doing what they enjoy most—providing information about an electronic gadget that they really love even as they earn the kind of income that most people can only dream about.

And as if that excitement is not enough, there is the added advantage that there is really no limit to the kind of profits that an online business can earn. For starters a webmaster can sign up for several affiliate programs at the same time. If they are well organized it is possible to make substantial profits from each individual affiliate program.

Affiliate programs in themselves have plenty of important advantages that make them amongst the most profitable online businesses. For starters the affiliate needs to concentrate on only driving traffic to their affiliate site. All the headaches of product delivery and customer service is handled by the affiliate program business and the affiliate just waits to earn their affiliate commission. That affiliate commission can often be as high as 60 per cent of the sale or even higher. In fact in many cases, online affiliates earn much more profit than the affiliate program business owners and naturally much more than if they were running a fully fledged business on their own.

There is really no argument that affiliate programs are the most profitable and convenient of online businesses.