Lots of poker affiliates hire out their coding chores to someone else; they even suggest to new poker affiliates to not spend time learning html, and suggest buying a template from one of the providers in the Poker Affiliate Exchange at PAP. Fewer poker affiliates suggest giving your SEO to someone else to do, but there are some poker webmasters who use poker SEO consultants or advisors. And almost all of the poker webmasters I know hire someone else to do their copywriting for them.

I think you absolutely MUST know HTML if you want to be a successful webmaster. And I think you should also know SEO and copywriting if you want to be a successful poker affiliate. And if you’re going to use a CMS of some kind, you should be familiar with that too. Here’s why

  1. If you don’t know how to do these things, you’re going to hire someone else to do them. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it can slow down some of the tasks you need to perform. Sometimes you’ll want to launch a page really quickly, or you’ll want to evaluate a template’s coding, or you’ll want to write a news article. If you want to be able to do those things quickly, you need to know how to do them yourself.
  2. When you hire someone else to do something, you need to be able to evaluate how well they’re doing it. If you hire someone to write html code, and you don’t have a clue about html, then how are you going to know if they’re doing a good job? If you hire a writer, and you’re not able to tell whether their writing sucks or not, what’s the quality of the content on your site going to look like? If you hire an SEO, how are you going to know if they’ve created a good long-term sustainable search engine presence strategy for you or not?
  3. Having an advisor on a subject you don’t understand is inefficient. If you haven’t got a clue about search engine optimization, then every time you discuss what your SEO advisor is doing for you, the conversation will begin with a kingergarten-level discussion of the basics, just so that you can sorta understand what kind of advice they’re giving you and why. And you’ll be unable to decide intelligently whether or not the advice was good.

There was a recent headline about how Markus Frind makes $10 million a year (or a month, or something like that) working one hour a day. That’s deceptive, because even though he may only work an hour a day now, he was probably working night and day for years to get to this point. And I guarantee you he understands html, SEO, and copywriting.