Here are my attempts to answer some questions which brought people to visit the site. Hope some of these are helpful.

Why do people register on blogs?

I’d love to be able to reply that the reason people register on blogs is so that they can participate in conversations, but in this industry, most people register on blogs in order to build more links to their own website. There’s no reason people can’t do both though. And by actually participating in conversations, the amount of traffic AND search engine value you’ll receive from registering on blogs will increase dramatically.

Affiliate – why should I promote?

The syntax of the above question is odd, but I think the question the person is looking for an answer to is why should I promote one affiliate program over another? The truth is that you have to look at multiple factors when deciding which affiliate program to promote. Conversion rates, CPA amounts, rakeback availability, revshare percentages – these are all factors that might be critical in deciding why you should or shouldn’t promote a particular poker affiliate program.

Why are Republicans against Internet gambling?

Not all Republicans are against Internet gambling. Ron Paul is a notable proponent of all kinds of freedoms, including individual freedoms to do what you want to with your money. He’s a Republican, but really and truly, he’s more of a Libertarian. The current Republican party favors economic freedom, but opposes individual social freedom. In other words, they want lower taxes while they legislate morality. To get an idea of some of the differences between opinions on personal freedoms and economic freedoms, take the world’s shortest political quiz.

Why are there no poker sites in Kentucky to play?

There are no poker sites in Kentucky at which to play because the Kentucky state government tried to seize several poker and gambling domains based on state laws forbidding Internet gambling. Pocket Fives offers an excellent summary of why you can’t play poker online in Kentucky.

Why can’t I beat online poker?

You probably can’t beat online poker because you suck at online poker. It’s okay though; I suck at online poker too. But if you suck at playing online poker, you can always become an affiliate. Making money as a poker affiliate isn’t as easy as finding water by falling out of a boat, but it’s a lot easier than making money playing online poker. I’m sure people who don’t suck at online poker disagree with me.

Why do people like poker?

People like poker for a lot of reasons, I think. One of the major reasons is that bad players will win a significant percentage of the time, which gives them false hopes of being able to compete against some of the professionals. Also, poker is a “sport” which requires no athletic skill, and most of the poker math needed in order to play well is easily learned. And poker is almost a national pastime. People like poker because it’s a uniquely American and uniquely capitalist game.

Why is constructive criticism good?

I’m not sure that I agree that constructive criticism IS good. Most of the time, when someone talks about constructive criticism, they’re just picking on someone and trying to feel better about it by calling it “constructive”. But constructive criticism can be good when getting a poker site review, for example, because other people will see mistakes you missed. Other people will have ideas you didn’t think of. And some people will just be flat wrong in their feedback. If you’ve got some sense and are willing to think for yourself, constructive criticism CAN be good.

Why is online poker so slow?

Online poker isn’t slow. Your computer is slow, or your connection sucks, or the site you’re playing on is having problems. The major sites with lots of players all work remarkably fast, so check your computer and your connection if playing online poker seems slow to you.

And if online poker seems slow because you’re bored waiting for action, try multi-tabling.

Why I have negative revenue, casino affiliate?

If you’re a casino affiliate, and you have negative revenue, it means one of 3 things. A player won a lot of money is one reason you might have negative revenue. A player defrauded the casino (chargebacks) is another reason you might have negative revenue. And if you’re working with a casino affiliate program which deducts bonuses from your revenue amount, you might have signed up a bonus whore. In any of those cases, don’t fret too much, and just get back to work writing content and getting links.

Why poker can be beat?

Poker can be beat because you can choose to only play when the pot odds offer a positive expectation high enough to make up for the antes and blinds and still generate a profit. For example, if there’s $600 in a pot, and you only have to put $1 into the pot to play, you’re getting 600 to 1 odds on your money. As long as your chances of winning the pot are better than 600 to 1, you have a positive expectation. (I know that’s a ridiculous example.) You can find a more detailed explanation of why poker can be beat, but roulette can’t be beat, here.

Why are keywords in a URL important?

Some people think they aren’t. But the short, non-facetious answer to why keywords are important in a URL is because they provide search engines with a strong signal about what kind of content can be found on a page.

Why is it good to have one partner in business?

It’s not always good to have one partner in business. If you have the WRONG partner, it’s pretty bad. Having a partner CAN be good though. The trick is to find a partner who brings something to the table that you lack. It wouldn’t make much sense for me to partner with someone who’s really good at SEO, because I’m really good at SEO. It would make sense for me to partner with someone who’s a really good programmer though, or with someone who’s a real wizard at designing beautiful websites. (And if you’ve seen some of my sites, you’ll understand why I say that.)

Why did Chan Poker close?

I don’t know the specifics about why Chan Poker closed, but poker sites have a hard time staying open for a lot of reasons. The questionable legal status of real money poker in the USA is a big impediment for a business, especially if they hope to get funding with an IPO. Once you have shareholders to answer too, legal caution rules the day. The cost of an online poker infrastructure has to be staggering too. It’s not easy or cheap to build a unique poker platform, and becoming part of a network costs money too. Promoting and marketing a poker site in an environment as competitive as this one can drain a company’s offers almost instantly too. Any of those reasons might apply to why Chan Poker closed.

Why does design matter?

I’m a big believer in “ugly works”, although I know most of the poker affiliates here LOVE design. The problem seems to me that most poker affiliates love the SAME design. I’m an intentional minimalist. I don’t think a website has to be ugly, but I do think it should load fast. I also think it should be easy to find the content you’re looking for on a particular website. A website design is only good insofar as it creates a good user experience. My favorite website design is probably the one Jakob Nielsen uses. Laugh if you like, but I love that design. (BTW, you’ll notice that Google’s design is REALLY minimalist too.)


Please note that the above opinions are mine, not necessarily the opinions of This was meant to be a fun look at some of they why? type questions which people are actually searching for answers to online.