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3 Banner Slots Available On PR3 Poker Blog!

The Banner Slots Are 125x125

I have switched the wordpress theme on my poker blog ( and now have 3 125x125 banner slots. I am only selling these banner slots to pay for a few of my projects.

6 Questions to the Seller
  1. freeroller

    hi tell me more details about your offer F.

  2. kushmoney

    The blog is completely focused on poker. PR 3 as I said before. Gets around 1k - 3k visitors a month without promotion and around 9k visitors a month when I promote it. As a bonus, I will write an article with 3 links and post it on the blog for anybody that buys a year. After the 3 slots are sold. I will let the 3 articles stay on the home page for awhile. Maybe a month or so.

  3. Guest

    hi thanks.... and what about banners clickable ? i mean - how many click have yoru present banners monthly ? Luke

  4. Guest

    I can't answer that question since I just changed the theme about 4 or 5 days ago. Also, I placed full tilt banners in all 3 slots and full tilt don't provide traffic stats.

  5. LoGG

    what would you take for 1 banner?

  6. kushmoney

    Prices $50 for 1 month, $275 for 6 months, $500 for 12 months. I am only accepting paypal.

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