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$64 Paid Post on 2 X PR3 Poker News Websites

Get 4 Permanent links for only $64!

Willing to give out no more than 10 Paid Posts with 2 links each on two PR3 online poker news websites. The links will be permanent and the websites are constantly updated!

-> Features of the site:

- a good number of links according to Yahoo Inlinks (3,833)
- and a good number of links according to google (49)
- many pages of content indexed in Google (This website is constantly updated since it's a poker news website)
- around 800 visitors in the last 30 days more in the near future since I'm adding more content pages
- Homepage - PR 3
- other pages are PR 1
- Great design
- Many content articles
- Links will be permanent.

And GROWING since they are some of the main sites that I'm working on right now I will update it often & build new links.

I've recently added many new links to this website and I'm expecting it to be even a PR 4 at the next google update that
will happen soon.

You will be able to put up to 2 links in that article that will be permanent. The price is $64 in case you write the article or $79 if you want me to write the article (300-400 words).

PM Or Reply Here if interested.
Thank you!

2 Questions to the Seller
  1. eugene

    pm me more details

  2. bhuriya

    we sell casino, gambling keyword rich domain name sites links. if anybody interested PM or email at bhuriya @

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