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Article services, custom and subscription

custom article subscription services and affordable packages

Hello everyone,

I have some free time in November so I would like to once again offer my content writing services. I have many satisfied customers both here and from PAP as I have been offering content services for over two years now. I made a good chunk of my living in 2008 by writing content for webmasters. I take pride in my work and you will not be disappointed.

I have a few things I am offering:

-10 article packages: $250 (five cents a word), articles are between 400 and 600 words.

-Weekly subscription service: $100/month or $200/month. With this service you get 1 or 2 fresh articles per week to add to your website. Article subject matter can be your choice or mine. The possibilities are endless but here are some possibilities:

Article series: You offer your readers a one month course on Seven Card Stud, adding another section every week.

Current poker news/tournaments: This could be used to keep your readers in tune with current poker events. Rather than a blog however, these would be more in depth and lengthy articles.

-Content is King Special: Okay this is a new one I am trying, designed to work best for both me the writer and you the webmaster. For $750 you get a fresh piece of content every day for a month. Articles will be delivered daily with some exceptions where you may get three articles on Friday to cover the weekend or there might be other occasions where more come ahead of time. Article subject matter can be from you or me. This is a great investment in your site and a real good way to boost your content.

Please note that there are LIMITED subscription opportunities available!
Contact me with any questions!

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  1. pokerbrands

    Hello, I am interested in adding articles to my website. Please contact me at or Skype Sadl3r1. I would be interested discussing subscription service.

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