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Get your blog updated daily

If any one is looking for regular blog post's, this offer could be for you.

I am offering to to regular update your blog with original blog posts.

This is what you will get.

5 original blog posts a week (usually 1 a day, mon-fri)

You can specify what topic you want or just leave it to what I randomly pick that day.

Each post is usually between 300-600 words.

You will also get a pr3 link from my site under "TPD recommended blogs"

What I'm looking in return.

$250 a month for every month you request this service.

1 incontent link for every 20 post's. (1 a month)

I am only going to consider doing four blogs in total, so its a case of first come first served.

I will usually be looking for a months commitment.

However If you are looking to test this service. I am willing to start of with a weeks trial period for $60, which will be 5 post's.

If you need any more details, please PM me.


2 Questions to the Seller
  1. gerrypolt

    I have written an example of a blog post so that you get the idea what standard the blog post's will be. Im also willing to sell this one if anyone looking to freshing up there blog. Title Who is the best poker player in the world? Words - 550 Price - $15 Let us know if you want to check out the post before you buy. Or wanting to look at as an example of the Blog updating service that I'm offering.

  2. bhuriya

    i have casino, gambling, poker, bingo keyword rich domain name sites for link and blogpost. all hosted on different c-class ips on US based server. if anyone interested PM or email at bhuriya @

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