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Caribbean Stud Domain Pack - Some Indexed!

10 Great Carribean Stud Jackpot Domains!

If anyone wants to dominate this niche I've got the perfect pack for you. It won't be easy, but here is some powerful domains to build a network with.

Domains below are parked on an autoblog, indexed, and collectively holding the top three spots for "Caribbean Jackpots". I've never put analytics on them or done any kw research, but they are just parked anyways.

I'm still considering price, I'm going to do some keyword research today and try to establish a reasonable value. Hoping to sell the entire lot to one person.

All domains are registered in a seperate godaddy account (I have several for security reasons) and will be pushed to the buyer.

I always thought this could be an extremely high value player and profitable niche, but I haven't/won't have time to find out! My loss is your gain.

Minimum Offer $1,000 - BIN $3,000

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