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I currently have a bundle of 16 articles from the very talented regular forum user absent. I am looking to give these articles away to other poker related sites. All I require is you honor the link that has been placed in them. Below is a list of articles currently available: Playing AK in Texas Hold’em Common Texas Hold’em Mistakes Being a Great Online Poker Player When bluffing is right in Texas Hold’em Thoughts on No Limit Tournament Play Starting Hand Play in Omaha Hi Lo Short Handed Texas Hold’em Seven Card Stud Primer Pot Odds in Texas Hold’em Playing Suited Connectors in Texas Hold’Em Critical Differences between Hold’em and Omaha Check Raising in Low Limit Hold’em Texas Hold’em Sit n go Strategies Stealing Blinds Decoding online poker chat Critical Online Poker Strategies please pm for samples

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  1. brown3103

    content is now gone thank you very much

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