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Once again I have some free time and would like to offer my writing services to a select few clients who might be in need at this time. I am a reputable and skilled writer with many happy clients from both here and other affiliate forums. I have both a bachelors and a masters degree and consider my writing style to be very readable for the average visitor, but technical style articles are available as well.

During this run of services I will be setting my minimum order at five articles. I prefer larger orders so if one or two people come to me with large requests, that will most likely be the only orders I take during this period.

2 Questions to the Seller
  1. Guest

    I have a new website that is just about finished. I was planning on doing most of the work myself but would be interested to see what you would charge. What I will need is content for around 7 site reviews as well as a few different strategy articles. Can you give me a ballpark of your prices? Thanks, Joe

  2. absentx

    Hi Joe, I could do seven reviews and three articles for $250, these would all be close to 600 words. If you don't mind the length a little shorter, I could do 400 to 450 word articles for $200. Thanks!

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