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Get 100 social bookmark links for just $25. Must Try

I'll post your site links, where you placed some good info that can be shared or even your service or product, to 100 social bookmarking sites.

I am pleased to announce that I am going to start a new service. I'll do 100 social bookmark posts bringing you traffic and 100 backlinks. What is social bookmarking? For those who are new to it, In social bookmarking system, users store lists of Internet resources, which they find useful. These lists are accessible to the public for their views and comments. This became a great seo technique now. What I'll do? I'll post your site links, where you placed some good info that can be shared or even your service or product, to 100 social bookmarking sites. What is my offer? (1) Post your one story/topic to 100 social bookmarking sites with MY account for just $25 (2) Post your one story/topic to 100 social bookmarking sites with YOUR account for just $40. (Here I'll create your own account at all 100 sites and you can use it in future) Recommended What Info I need from you?URL of your story [The page for which you want backlink]Title of Story [You should use your keywords here]First paragraph from your storyYour username, password, email with access (Only if you go for $40 deal)What you'll get?You'll get all 100 backlink as soon as I submit the url.A good amount of traffic to your page.========================================== EDIT: Answers of common questions for PAP guys- ----------------------- Q: Submission is Automatic or Manual? A: Submission is 100% Manual. Q: How much time you need to complete the job? A: I need 2-3 days to complete the job. ========================================== I'll send you report after completion of work. If you have any suggestion, please let me know, I'll implement it immediately.

41 Questions to the Seller
  1. CGP

    Hi again, This is the 10th e-mail that i am sending you for the same issue. I give 24 hours to provide me report with all sites where you placed my link. Otherwise i will inform the community for you crappy services!

  2. Holis

    Anyone Done this? Maybe do one as a review

  3. Jessica

    I have sent you hundreds of reviews from hundreds of happy customers via PM. Other details also included.

  4. AceHigh Pino

    hey jessica, was wondering what sites you'll be submitting to or if you can PM me a list? Thanks.

  5. Jessica

    Sent you list and other details. Waiting for your reply.

  6. Pokerboy

    PM list and details please

  7. ippguide

    Can I get the list too, I am interested

  8. Trikkur

    Anyone done this yet and see how it works, I've never done anythign like this, but was interested in trying it out.

  9. AceHigh Pino

    The list seems very solid - will probably try it out =)

  10. TheShortStack

    Can you send me the list too please?

  11. Jessica

    Here is the list of One Hundred Bookmark sites This list is update yesterday. List is automatically updated, as we are continuously doing social bookmark submissions for last 1.5 years. Even today my few team members are busy in doing social bookmark submissions. We have a list of over 400 happy customers. Waiting for your order now.

  12. Jessica

    I have just completed job for poker69 I asked him to write his feedback on this thread, hopefully he will write his feedback.

  13. poker69

    Jessica got the job done fast and sent over a list of where she posted the story.

  14. imteaz

    Jessica, is it manually submitted or automatic? Thanks

  15. mjmurphy53711

    If this is manual submission I will take it.

  16. Jessica

    @poker69, Thank you so much for your appreciation. Your feedback is very important. Thanks a lot. @imteaz, YES, we do submissions 100% manually. PM sent with details.

  17. sonic23

    Im a little new to social bookmarking sites. How does this help? I mean if no one votes for my site on these social bookmarking sites are the links equal to say a directly link? Or is there more to it? Does social booking marking sites help SEO really that much?

  18. Jessica

    Social bookmarking helps in getting traffic and quality backlinks. As traffic depends on votes and votes depends on how interesting your topic is, so it is not necessary that your story get good number of votes. But every site submitted get backlinks and it is good for SERPs results and helps SEO.

  19. Jessica

    So far I have done 5 orders from 4 guys. Waiting for their feedback on thread. All work finished. Open to more orders. Discount: 10% discount is available on bulk order i.e order of 5 or more sites.

  20. sonic23

    I did pay Jessica $40 for submitting one of my sites and to get a login username and password created for me on 102 social bookmarking sites. So far everything looks good, i havent logged into each account yet but it all appears like this was good money spent.

  21. Jessica

    @sonic23, Thank you so much for your appreciation and recommendation. I'll love to do more business with you.

  22. scrawnybob

    hi just want to say Jessica did a great job - prompt and thorough service and just what we all look for 10 out of 10 cheers scrawnybob

  23. Jessica

    @scrawnybob, Many Thanks for your great appreciation and recommending my service. I'll love to do more business with you.

  24. haynesey

    A good service, carried out in a timely manner

  25. hazo

    Does anyone have any data or results on how this service has changed your websites performance?

  26. Jessica

    @ Haynesey, Thank you so much for your appreciation and recommendation. I'll love to do more business with you. I request my customers to reply on this post. Many Thanks in advance.

  27. poker69

    When my order was complete I managed to move up a few spots on google a few days later. Hard to say if this was the cause, but either way I was happy with the service.

  28. addaminsane

    if the service is legitimate i'm sure it will be beneficial having backlinks from 100 indexed pages from different ips. I just sent pm.

  29. Jessica

    Hi Adam, Your job is done. Please check inbox. Hope you'll find the job great and will order more work. thanks, Jessica

  30. poker69

    Thanks Jessica, services worked out well!

  31. Jessica

    @poker69, Thank you so much for your appreciation and recommendation. I'll love to do more business with you.

  32. Jessica

    I have done all work and I am fee for next order. Please PM me or write here.

  33. SergeantJoe

    Sounds like a great deal. Once I have my site finished, I'm definitely going to try it out. Has anyone found any success with this in terms of traffic or conversions?

  34. wicked

    Sounds good, jessica. Please contact me via PM. Greets from Germany

  35. CoolDog

    Can you tell me what the benefit is, if any, in you creating new accounts for us as opposed to using your social book mark accounts?

  36. Jessica

    @SergeantJoe, This service can bring great traffic only if your story/topic is very interesting. If you have so so topic then traffic is very less, but you'll get 80+ links for sure in any case. @CoolDog, When I create your own account then you all details will be separated from other guy's details. Remaining things (result wise) will be same. I recommend new account option i.e $40 option if you going to order many urls. If you have just one or two urls, I suggest to go for $25. Let me tell you one things at this point. - I create NEW Account for free if you order 5 or more urls. So for 5 urls you need to pay $125 only and I'll create one new account then submit all 5 urls.

  37. LoGG

    Hi! I would be interested in your service, would you just tell me how much letters are recommended for that story? cheers

  38. LoGG

    Id like to use your service with the 40$ deal, would you contact me via pm tnx

  39. johnbabs

    hi i have 3 sites id like you to do thanks pm me

  40. Big-Blind

    Are you still offering this?

  41. bhuriya

    i have casino, gambling, poker, bingo keyword rich domain name sites for link and blogpost. all hosted on different c-class ips on US based server. if anyone interested PM or email at bhuriya @

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