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Link Excange with PR3 Site! No pagerank required!

Free Link exchange, simply use my link exchange form!

I tried to make things as easy as possible so i created two different link exchange forms.
I will exchange links with all gambling & poker related sites, bingo etc. The first form is for all sites with pagerank 0-1 you can exchange links with me on this form:
The second form is to exchange blogroll links. To exchange blogroll links you need to have pr2+. find the form here:
This is as easy as possible. The links need upto 48 hours to get confirmed! If your interested in publishing articles on tpd with upto 2 backlinks to your site your welcome to send me a few sentences of your article & if its worth reading I would be glad to publish it on TPD!

2 Questions to the Seller
  1. LoGG

    in case u need 2 contact me

  2. amirsf

    I attempted using your form from blogroll link. I posted a link to your site, from here: But the automated form keeps telling me it can't find the link on my page. Please advice, Thanks.

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