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Long Term Footer Link!

On Poker Blog and Poker Site/Forum

I really suck writing this stuff up so bare with me. I am selling 2 footer link slots as a package. The buyer link will replace the Sponsored by "???" on both websites.

My websites
Kushmoney The Poker Blog ( - PR3
Poker Commercials ( - PR0

Both of these websites are my babies. I put my time in planning, building, and promoting these sites than any other projects. I ran short on money to complete these websites to my liking. So this is where a great deal falls in your lap.

I want to sell these link slots as package to one buyer for a minimum of 3 years. I don't have a set time limit nor a set price for each year you want. However, I know the budget I need for these projects to be successful.

With that being said. I think the only way to do this an auction with a twist. Each bidder will need to post the following below.

Amount of years: x
Price want to pay: x,xxx

I will accept paypal or fulltilt.

Anymore information needed please post below.

You can also pm me with a BIN and the amount of years you want. Thanks for reading.

1 Question to the Seller
  1. bhuriya

    we sell casino, gambling keyword rich domain name sites links. if anybody interested PM or email at bhuriya @

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