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Poker Articles and News needed

Sell your work two times

Hi! I am webmaster of and I need some content, mainly news and some articles. I need it in slovak language of course, but thats not a problem. We can translate englich articles.

And that can be well for somebody who is writing it in english. You can sell your articles also to us and we will not compete with other your customers, who has bought articles from you in english.

We also await pretty discount, as we have to pay the translations. But we will buy something you have sold once anyway, so you will have money for nothing :)

3 Questions to the Seller
  1. Guest

    We'll have "money for nothing and chicks for free".

  2. pokerspravy

    Hi! I dont uderstand your post very well. Of course you will have work with writing it, but you will already sell it once, so you can sell it again and the work was done only once... I have not meant it like it is no work for writing the article...

  3. rose.walis

    Hi, we can provide you original articles and offer you discount if you order in bulk. Complete details sent via PM, hope that would be fine with you or tell me a better deal.

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