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Rakeback affiliate account

100% Passive 6.7k affiliate profit last 12 months

I bought a website about two years ago along with the rakeback affiliation account linked to it. Last year, I tried selling the website+account but it didn't work out because people stuck on the fact that the website itself hadn't been worked on and had no traffic.

So this listing is exclusively for the affiliate account. From october 08 to september 09, the account has generated net profit of $6700 for the affiliate.

Summer months are slow but in august there was 3900 pounds Sterling raked, for a net profit of around 550 USD.

Last month, september, the gross rakeback was around 5 800 pounds Sterling + 320 USD which netted around $670 USD after conversions.

Admittedly, most of the rakeback on this particular account comes from a player who's been averaging over 4000 per month in rake, sometimes in USD, sometimes in Euros and sometimes in pounds sterling. The biggest month was when he raked 17 000 Euros. During that month it earned me around $3000 USD.

Obviously, the biggest months of the year are from september to march so most of the revenue you'll make short term will be coming in the next few months. I could have waited for those big months to claim "look, it makes 600+ per month" but it would suck for the buyer to go through the low months of april-july.

Reason for selling is that I actually invested in some biotech company which has lost 50% of its value since september, so I need money now..

I will provide proof of revenue if I receive reasonable offers. Please don't waste our time with unreasonable offers which you know we'll decline.

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