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SE Traffic Poker Site - 200 unique daily

First page for the keyword "poker"

6th for the keyword "poker" ( )

9th for the keyword "türk pokeri" ("Türk pokeri" is the most played poker game in Turkey. You can find detailed information about this game on Betsson offical site.
) ( )

5th for the keyword "poker nasıl oynanır" (Its meaning in Turkish is "how to play poker") ( )

2nd for the keyword "poker sitesi" (Its meaning in Turkish is "poker site")

2nd for the keyword "poker siteleri" (Its meaning in Turkish is "poker sites"

You can also see income for last 2 months below. This affiliatelounge is a leader in this sector for Turkey and there are also some affiliates which you can use. You can contact Affliatelounge for the site if you wish. The reason why I am selling this site is the fact that Turkish citizens are banned to publish such kind of advertisements on their websites and there is no problem for people who are abroad. For 1 year, every kind of help will be provided to person who will buy the site. Also this web site’s maintaining its present situation on search motors is included to this help service.
It has 200 to 400 unique visitors a day and it has been taking 100% of its traffic from search engines as 100% targeted traffic.

I will send affiliatelounge's and Google Analytic's screenshots of the income/stats to serious buyers. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to ask about them.

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