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Selling Pokerroom/casino Reviews

look inside! Huge discount on bulk purchases!

 Hi there! My writer is not that busy atm so i can sell some articles. Each article costs $20, but there is a rebate if you take more! Check the atachment to get an example!

these are the prices:
0-15 articles: $20/article
16-30 articles: $18/article
31+ 14$/article

If your interested send me a pm or email

Pokerroom reviews are like the one shown above. If you want any special Heading lines, or want us to optimize to content to any keywords let us know that.

If you need any articles beside pokerroom review i need a url to copywrite. All work will pass copyscape and it is written by a writer with an english degree (im not a native speaker ). The text will not look like its copied from anywhere, it will be enjoyable to read and not only "content for google".

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  1. LoGG

    this is an example review

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