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Sng Poker Site For Sale

Sng Players Generate A Lot Of Rake!

This is a project I never had time to give any attention too, but has great potential to be a good earner.

27 pages or so, most are indexed I recently fixed up the internal linking so all should be catching up soon.

A lot of the content is good, some of it is great, and some needs improving. The domain has serious brandability given it's a "status" players think about achieving. I'd like to develop this site to potential, but I don't have time right now.

Plan: My plan was to promote rakeback to players who hadn't heard of it, since sng players tend to generate a lot of revenue. There is also sng training sites with affiliate programs, and sng tools to sell for affiliate profits.

Bonus - This site comes with HighRoller theme loaded which would cost you $300 alone to purchase yourself.

You can see that theme at - it has a full custom admin and tons of turnkey features for wordpress poker affiliates.

Traffic: is 500 uniques a month from the serps, but that could be quickly improved with even just a few hours of work and some more content.

Income: I use shared trackers on these new sites so I have no idea, assume zero but I'm positive it's claimed at least a few players.

Domain: Godaddy. Will be pushed to purchaser account.

Hosting: It's on my dedicated server, I am willing to keep it there for a buyer.

Platform: This is a wordpress driven site.

Minimum Offer - $1,500 BIN $2,500

2 Questions to the Seller
  1. Guest

    Lowering the minimum bid to $1,000 - and BIN to $2,000

  2. RakeVIP

    this has now sold.

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