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Tentatively Considering Selling

Great website, huge userbase

A partner and I bought last October and were able to increase the traffic from 200 unique visitors per day to up to more than 4,000. However we have run into problems with web development and some other issues and the traffic is sliding. We would like to pass it off to a better operator. We would be very interested in retaining some ownership with the right partner (i.e. somebody established who we could trust). We bought it for just under 40k and have put nearly that amount into it - so this will not be a cheap acquisition. Please only contact me if you are a serious bidder with that kind of money.

3 Questions to the Seller
  1. Guest

    4,000 unique visitors a month?? Isn't this the site that is so Rogue 2 + 2 has it's own thread regarding all of the problems with it?

  2. Guest

    4,000 per day The 2+2 thread is for rakeback issues, currently ThePlayr does not give rakeback, however the owner of the rakeback sites is one of 3 owners of ThePlayr.

  3. Guest

    Hi! I could be interestd in buying the site. However the site looks pretty dead to me as there hasnt been a forum post for months, and the last news article came during wsop in june. How many absolute unique visitors do you have? If interested. Please e-mail

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