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Offering top quality strategy, info and reviews for both poker and casino sites during Feb. I'm am established affiliate who knows how to write articles which both rank and convert -
links back will be pointing to my quality sites.

3 ways we can do business:

1) Send me your URL and I'll come up with 1 or 2 pieces which fit well with your current content.
2) Ask for some titles... I'll get them written.
3) Choose from the list below (if any are gone I can create something similar so feel free).

You can either PM me here or mail me at (mail addy I use for posting on forums etc, I'll get in touch with my real one!)

) 5 Great Reasons To Play Rush Poker Today! [B](GONE)[/B]
2) How To Beat Full Tilt's Rush Poker (aimed at the novice crowd) [B](GONE)[/B]
3) 5 Reasons Rush Poker Will Not Stand The Test Of Time (anti-Rush, nice for balance!)
4) Set Mining In Rush Poker - Pros And Cons
5) Rush Poker Strategy Tips - Opponent Mistakes [B][GONE][/B]
6) 5 Innovations From The Home Of The Pros - Full Tilt Poker
7) Full Tilt Poker Review (2 of these) (updated review for Rush, does not focus on it too much, but includes it in the games section)
8) Pokerstars Review
9) Titan Poker Review [B][GONE][/B]
10) 5 Rakeback Mistakes You Should Avoid
11) Rushmore Casino Review
12) Online Vegas Casino Review

Newer affiliates as well as those with established sites / blogs most welcome.

Thanks, Mark

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  1. Guest

    It is vey useful

  2. pokerbrands

    Hello, I am interested in adding articles to my website. Please contact me at or Skype Sadl3r1.

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