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PR1 Sit And Go Site!

Up for sale is, I bought this site some months back and have never touched it - but it's got a great head start for someone who wants to get into this popular niche.

As many of you may or may not know, turbo sng players tend to be high revenue players - this site is a GREAT domain and a nice base of indexed content.

Unfortunately I've never even put any trackers or analytics on this site, so I have no idea if it's getting much in terms of traffic but at the time I purchased it was getting 500 serps visits a month, I guess it's up to you to investigate the potential! It is a PR1 on the home page, I haven't checked any internal pages.

Domain is at 1and1.

Minimum Offer - $650

BIN - $1,200

PM offers, I apologize I really don't have any more details than this. I'm fine keeping this site for later development but really am trying to clean out the closet lately, this one seems pretty low on my list of projects so I hope it can find a good home.

Thanks for your consideration!

I reserve the right not to sell.

2 Questions to the Seller
  1. royal

    Hi, I am interested Can we chat on Skype or MSN? Regards Adrian

  2. RakeVIP

    Hi Royal, you contact me here or at (Skype is fine, but I'm not going to post it here in this thread so email me yours and I'll add you). I tried to PM you but can't for some reason, talk to you soon and thanks for the inquiry.

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