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Very cheap links

For a few days i will be trying to raise some funds offering links.

Incontent links at 10+ sites. pr1 and pr0 only $50 for a year when you take minimum 2 links. Links avalible at bingo/rummy and pokersites in articles and reviews. Incontent rakeback links Only $50 for a year when you take minimum 2 links. 10 rakeback articles and 10 rakeback reviews at pr1 site to choose from. pr2 blogroll links - $100 for one year. Lots of newer pr0 sites that are being worked on, increasing in traffic and hopefully also better pr soon. Get them while they are cheap. $50 for blogroll links for 1 year! Let me know what you are interested in, what phrase, keyword etc. and i can send my suggestion.   gal_register('gal_17_126412', '2', '1', '0', '0', '0'); 

3 Questions to the Seller
  1. LoGG

    Hi! Pls send me ur urls im looking for content related to noiqpoker & ipoker! cheers

  2. newjabber

    Closed. Send a PM if interested in blogroll links

  3. bhuriya

    i have casino, gambling, poker, bingo keyword rich domain name sites for link and blogpost. all hosted on different c-class ips on US based server. if anyone interested PM or email at bhuriya @

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