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WTS In-Content Links, Blogroll Links and Banner Space Available on 11-Website Gambling Network.

Sites are on 4 different hosts and ALL have dedicated IP's.

I have links available on my network of 11 mini-sites all focused around poker, rakeback, casino, and sportsbooks. A lot of the sites have had fresh content added to them over the past few months and there are still tons more pages and posts to be included as well. Also, all the sites are currently indexed and ranking for some very solid terms in their respective niches.

For those who know me, I have focused a lot of efforts on past projects such as and, but have recently expanded the portfolio a bit to focus on some small fundraising in order to invest in bigger websites I have yet to finish.

Sites range from PR0 to PR1 and you can choose from in-content links, blogroll links and banner space as well. There are plenty of reviews, internal pages, and news posts to place your links in, so don't miss out on this special pricing before the sites age a bit more and get even higher PR. All sites are averaging anywhere from 15+ t0 90+ uniques a day from SE's.

Prices are a flat $65/6 months PER PR0 site and $80/6 months on PR1 sites. Space is limited and I will only be taking a certain amount of outgoing links (which must be approved by me) to eliminate any possibly spammy sites.

Please PM me or email me at azgambler83 [at] gmail DOT com for payment info and for a list of URL's.

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