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[WTS] Poker/gambling links PR3-PR5 sites

Got Google Rankings and a good amount of visitors

Text-links for sale on a couple of different poker sites. All sites have lots of content, PR between 3-5, some have very good Google Rankings and a good amount of visitors. They are also hosted at different ips. We also try to keep them graphically look good with unique designs. 10 slots only per site available.

Prices are per month or per year. We actually use these sites for our own affiliate site, and so far we are ranked at 6th place on a 250k global search volume poker keyword (source Adwords).

Send PM or Mail for urls.
Per at

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  1. franky123

    I am looking for webmasters who have gambling sites including poker, casino, bingo etc. for media buying, text and link advertising. The sites must be indexed in Google search engine, good PR, not more external links, good number of Yahoo back links, not duplicate content and cache date less than 2 weeks. Does your site fulfill our requirements?

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