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WTS selling links and posts on PR3 blog with very low prices!

High quality link.

I am selling an advertising on my gambling blog. The is very well indexed and have very good stats, like:

- Google PageRank: 3
- More than 1400 pages indexed by Google.

The prices are also very low:

[*][B]4$/month for Text Link in [/B][I][B]PARTNERS[/B][/I][B] section.[/B]
[*][B]7$/month 125x125 banner.[/B]
[*][B]10$/month 468x60 banner.[/B]
[*][B]15$/month 728x90 banner[/B]
[*][B]20$ for post on this blog with your own review.[/B]
[*][B]30$ for post on this blog with a review, which we will make for advertiser.[/B][/LIST][/FONT][/COLOR]The URL of this site is
Please write me via PM, or use e-mail: worldgambleblog[eta]

4 Questions to the Seller
  1. eugene

    is it actual?

  2. pheal

    Hello, I'm interested in buying 2 links for one year in your partners section. Let me know if you still have spots available. Cheers, Phil

  3. Guest

    Hello, There are still available spots. Please pm me with a information. Regards cunamis

  4. bhuriya

    we sell gambling, poker keyword rich domain sites links and blogpost. all sites hosted on different c-class ips. if anybody interested email me at bhuriya @

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